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  • As of Fall 2014, Communication will no longer offer COM 3324 Contemporary Issues in Mass Media. In its place, use COM 3326 Global Media Systems. They are equivalent courses.
  • Beginning Fall 2014, COM 4424 Uses and Effects of Mass Media will require only COM 2129, 2135, and COM 2230 as prerequisites (not COM 3324).
  • Fall 2014 Registration: In order to register for most COM courses, students must be DECLARED COM MAJORS (not COM-Interest). Exceptions are Sports Management and INTS majors. If you are not declared, you will receive an ERROR message when you try to register. You will not be allowed to register until you declare the COM major in Owl Express. Students enrolled Fall 2013 or later must have a 2.5 or higher adjusted GPA in order to be approved.
  • Beginning August 15, 2014, Communication will be a gated program. To apply, students must complete a formal application, complete five core courses with an adjusted GPA of 2.5 or higher, and pass the writing test with a score of 79% or higher.

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Welcome to the official website of the Department of Communication at Kennesaw State University. If you are new to our community, this site will tell you about our mission, focus and curriculum and guide you to some useful resources to investigate the dynamic field of communication.

We offer courses that expose students to the art and science of communication and prepare them to achieve fulfilling careers in media, journalism, public relations, organizational communication and other communication areas. Our courses lead to a Bachelor of Science in Communication.